Adult and Kids Pajamas
Traditional pajamas consist of a jacket-and-trousers combination made of soft fabric, such as flannel; the jacket has a placket front and its sleeves have no cuffs. In colloquial speech, these are often called pjs, jim jams or jammies; in South Asia, and sometimes in South Africa, they are known as night suits.

Contemporary Pajamas
These are derived from traditional pajamas, and may be variations of style only, such as short sleeve pajamas, pajama-bottoms of varying length, or, on occasion, one-piece pajamas, or may involve variation in material used as well. Chiefly in the US, the latter type may refer to stretch-knit sleep apparel with rib-knit trimmings. Usually worn by children, these garments have pullover tops or have zippers down the fronts and may also be footed or with covered feet. In the US, pajamas are usually distinguished from adult sleeping garments such as nightgowns but the adult garments are sometimes called babydoll pajamas.

Mens and Womens Daywear
Even more generally, Pajamas may refer to women's combination daywear, consisting of short-sleeved or sleeveless blouses and lightweight pants; examples of these are capri pajamas, beach pajamas, and hostess pajamas.

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